9th European GIM Conference

Beck, B. D. (Speaker)

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Research report on Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music for Chronic Workrelated Stress Abstract: Music therapy as a stress management method is documented within a variety of populations in medical settings (Pelletier, 2004; Dileo & Bradt, 2007) and working places (Bittman et al., ; Holland, ). The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM) has been proved to decrease stress hormones in normals (McKinney et al, 1997; West, 2003), decrease blood pressure in hypertension patients (McDonald, 1990) and to increase mood and quality of life in cancer patients (Burns, 1999; McKinney et al., 2005), but no other study has focused on workrelated stress as the primary symptom. In this paper quantitative results from an ongoing Ph.D. study in music therapy with chronic stress patients in an occupational health setting will be presented. The study set out to find out if a modification of BMGIM could help adults with chronic workrelated stress to improve their mental health and be able to return to work. 20 patients on 1-9 months sickleave with workrelated stress (and eventually mild-moderate depression) were randomized to 6 sessions of individual BMGIM therapy or to a waiting list, and crossed over after 9 weeks. Measurements of selfreported mood, sleep quality, perceived stress and physical symptoms were carried out at pre-midpoint-post therapy /waiting and at 9 weeks follow up. Analysis of the diurnal neuroendocrine stress response (salivary cortisol and testosterone) was carried out on three days pre-post and follow up with the help of The National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Copenhagen. BMGIM was slightly modified to meet the need of stabilization, relaxation and holding in the population. Theories and methods from stress and bodyoriented trauma therapy was integrated with music therapy (Körlin, 2005,; Levine, 1997; Ogden, 2006). A case vignette will be presented to illustrate the therapeutic process.
Period15 Sep 2010
Held at9th European GIM Conference
Event typeConference
LocationLaguardia, Spain