The Assistant Professors Circle (APC) creates a community and research environment for young researchers at AAUBS. This group provides a community where we can discover and discuss relevant subjects, competencies, and issues related to this stage of our research careers. Furthermore, by providing a space for becoming acquainted with each other across research groups and supporting our joint development, we also have the opportunity to lower the feeling of competition between assistant professors in our department. In this group, we arrange activities to foster our career development and strengthen our network. Therefore, we invite relevant participants to give talks and workshops about funding, research stays, teaching, career planning, academic profiles, and more.

Our activities also create an opportunity to foster excellence and creativity in research through collaboration between research groups and fields, such as workshops, brainstorming sessions, and social gatherings. We strive to create a supportive environment through these inclusive activities to bridge the gap between different research areas and uncover new ideas for collaborative potential.

Furthermore, the APC initiative provides support to the onboarding process of new hires on the assistant professorship level, allowing them to become acquainted with AAUBS as their new workplace while also enhancing the social opportunities among colleagues.
Held atAPC: Assistant Professor Circle at AAUBS, Denmark
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