Biannual conference of the International Society of Social and Behavioral Development

Demuth, C. (Organizer)

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Identity development in light of change and transformation The present symposium addresses human development in circumstances when continuity and coherence are at threat and identity needs to be reworked. The individual papers cover identity processes in times of transition, e.g., puberty (addressed in Bamberg’s talk), trans-national relocation and family relationships (Demuth & Watzlawik), recovery from brain injury (Glintborg & Hansen), as well as in light of mental disorders (Fecht & Watzlawik). While the first three contributions address communication as central means to construct identity and therefore analyze identity constructions through the communicative practice of narrating, Fecht and Watzlawik assess current identity structure (pillars of identity) through questionnaires, asking the participants to label themselves and explain their choices. The communicative means in the last case are thus restricted, but lead to a form of results (group comparisons, mean values, etc.) commonly found in research. The symposium aims to introduce and critically discuss different approaches in identity research showing what aspects of identity development can be described best with the methods used in the four talks – addressing potentials and limitations in all cases.
Period12 Jul 2014
Event typeConference
LocationShanghai, China