We are going to present a concrete example of using ethnography during the development of personalized robots with people with acquired brain injury and their care personnel. We are presenting this work from two perspectives, the ethnographer’s and the engineer’s, and highlight the challenges and opportunities that come from combining the different disciplines. The whole process lasted for 18 months with monthly workshops with participants from a residency. During this time both disciplinary perspectives were challenged and had to be adjusted to the realities of the field and the technical possibilities. While the project has ended, the insights from the ethnographic field study still results in spin-off projects, e.g. for robot-assisted decision making for sustainable consumption.
Period11 Mar 2024
Event title Ethnography for HRI Embodied, Embedded, Messy and Everyday
Event typeWorkshop
Location Boulder, United States, ColoradoShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • human-robot interaction
  • ethnography
  • design
  • robotics