Compressed Sensing in RF Communication and Analog-to-Digital Conversion

  • Thomas Arildsen (Lecturer)

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Compressed sensing has experienced explosive growth in interest from the research community in recent years. It is currently being investigated in numerous, typically signal processing-related areas.
In the Technology Platforms Section at Aalborg University we have ongoing research activities exploring the practical use of compressed sensing, mainly in RF communication and analog-to-digital conversion (ADC). We apply compressed sensing for example to lower the sampling rate in ADC of RF communication signals and thereby reduce energy consumption or to simplify certain aspects of the hardware.
In this presentation, we will give an overview of our recent and ongoing research results in these areas with application examples including IEEE 802.15.4 digital communication, under-sampling in OFDM-like schemes, simplification of direct conversion receivers, low-rate quantization of compressed measurements, trade-off between quantizer resolution and number of compressed measurements, and reconstruction algorithm implementations.

Talk given at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.
Period8 Nov 2012
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