Computational Technology: Historical and philosophical approaches to technics and technology in mathematics and mathematics education: Plenary Panel Debate

Misfeldt, M. (Panel member)

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Mario Sánchez Aguilar Associate professor of mathematics education research at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico. His research interests include the use of the Internet and other technological tools for the teaching and learning of mathematics, and in the development of mathematics teachers. He is also interested in the use of historical sources in the classroom. Mikkel Willum Johansen Assistant professor in the philosophy of the mathematical sciences at the Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen. His main research interests is in mathematical cognition. His approach is inspired both by the theory of distributed cognition and by cognitive semantics. As part of his work, Mikkel has discussed how and to what extend the development of mathematics has been influenced by the introduction of different cognitive tools. Mirko Maracci Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Pavia, Italy. His research interests concern mainly the use of technology for mathematics teaching and learning and the integration of technology in school practice, and the issue of the theoretical diversity in mathematics education research. His studies in the field of technology are rooted in a Vygotskyan approach, they combine a semiotic and an educational perspective and elaborate on the notion of mediation considering the crucial role of human mediation. Morten Misfeldt Associate professor and research manager of the research lab for ICT and design for learning, Aalborg University in Copenhagen. His research interests includes technology enhanced learning, university mathematics education, the use of ict in primary level mathematics education, the influence of ict on mathematics curriculum and mathematical practices in various areas of society. Per Jönsson Works in mathematics with a special interest in numerical analysis and the use of computers for mathematical research, furthermore Per has been involved in a number of educationally framed projects
Period16 Jul 2014
Held atSeventh European Summer University
Event typeConference
Conference number7
LocationKøbenhavn, Denmark