Critical and participatory development of people centered smart learning ecosystems and territories

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The main objective of the workshop is to involve a sample of relevant stakeholders - policy makers, entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers, students, etc. - in a collective effort aimed at developing an agenda - time and modes - for the use of ICT in a critical and participatory manner to develop person-centered "smart" learning ecosystems, as open systems in osmosis with the community of reference and, finally, as a driver of social innovation and territorial development. All this assuming that: a) by mean of a critical and participatory approach to the use of ICT one can come to the identification of the driving factors that in the past have produced time and space singularities (eg. Renaissance, Belle Epoque, Big Deal, etc.) that attracted people to experience a collective state of "flow”; b) the smartness of a learning ecosystems has a strong correlation with that of its region of reference; c) smartness is an emergent property of any entity that that interact with ICT infrastructures but is not fully determined by this latter. During the workshop, unavoidably, the participants will reflect also on the interplay between globality and locality and, as well, on that between virtuality and physicality.
Event typeConference
LocationAarhus, Denmark


  • Smart City Learning
  • People centered smart cities