Special edition editor Call for Papers Special Issue: Shifting Boundaries: Practices and Theories, Arts and Technologies Guest Editor: Anthony (Tony) Brooks The interweaving of arts and digital technologies has unfolded in many fields, including interaction design, game creation, VR and AR development, and emerging creative practices. This special issue calls for new bodies of practical work as well as critical theoretical explorations that explore these fields beyond disciplinary boundaries. This issue aims to assemble contributions from across a range of digital practices that specifically address the productive encounter of arts and digital technology. This includes, but is not limited to: Examples include but are not limited to: ● Games, Interactivity ● Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ● Gamification ● Interactive Art (innovative interactive installations) ● Augmented Performing Arts (innovative performances and shows enhanced by ICT technologies), Augmented Reality applications in art and design ● Information visualization ● Big Data ● Applications and interfaces for Mobile Devices ● Virtual worlds, Metaverse, Avatars and Presence ● Multimedia, Image Processing, Digital Photography ● Audio Art, Sound Design ● New Media Technologies ● Corporeal Art/Design Systems (sensors, wearable computing, motion tracking etc.) ● Generative/Aleatoric Systems ● Media Archeology ● Virtual Museums and Curatorial Practices ● Theoretical Studies and research output that resides at the intersection of the fields of art, design and technology We particularly invite the community grown around the ArtsIT conference – the international conference on Arts and Technologies, Interactivity, and Game Creation. The issue is not limited to this community but ArtsIT’s interdisciplinary theme has informed this open call for this special issue of the Digital Creativity journal. ArtsIT is meant to be a place where people in arts, with a keen interest in modern IT technologies, meet with people in IT, having strong ties to the arts. Since 2009 the event has become a leading scientific forum for dissemination of cutting-edge research results in the area of Arts, Design & Technology – now extended to include the open related topics Interactivity (Interaction Design, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality etc.,) and Game Creation (e.g. Serious Games, Gamification, Leisure Gaming, GamePlay, etc.). Submissions informed by applied practice, critical studies and theory are encouraged as are those addressing digital tools, practices, and components from a range of disciplinary perspectives fitting the wide gamut of this special issue title call. We are equally open as to the forms and methods of analysis. Submissions Requirements: Submission to this special issue is a two-stage process. Authors interested in contributing are invited to submit an extended abstract (500 words) for review. Authors whose abstracts are accepted will then be invited to submit a full paper (up to 7000 words). Full papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed for acceptance into the special issue. Please note that ArtsIT 2019 conference papers (or any other such pre-published materials) are required to be extended/rewritten by a minimum of 50% new material. Upon acceptance of the abstract, you will be sent further authors’ guidelines based on the Digital Creativity guidelines (Instructions for Authors) at Note that acceptance of abstract alone does not imply acceptance for publication in the journal. The extended abstract should include the following information: 1) Name of author(s) with email addresses and affiliation, if applicable 2) Title of the paper 3) Body of the abstract 4) Preliminary bibliography 5) Author(s)’s short bio(s) Important Dates: Abstracts due (via email): March 6 Full papers due: April 17 Final versions due: May 17 Expected publication: Fall, 2020 Submission method: Please send abstracts as PDFs (and any questions) to Anthony Brooks (Guest Editor),, as well as to the editors of Digital Creativity,
Period1 Jan 202030 Aug 2020
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