Doing spatial planning in the experience economy

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From an experience economy stanza the notion of experience economy represents a turn, not only in business strategies but also in local development strategies. From the national to the municipal level it appeals to planners as well as politicians as it seems to open up for new possibilities and exiting ways of dealing with local development. So it is advocated that the focus on the role of place, spatial narratives and identity in the leisure and culture creates a direct link between experience economy and spatial planning at the city or municipal level as well as at the regional and national levels. This understanding is challenged and elaborated in this paper.

Coming from the discipline of urban planning elements characterising the experience economy seems to be adapted quite strongly in the municipal planning with both positive and negative outcomes. For instance when dealing with the huge task of changing former industrial areas in the urban areas all over the country into business or dwelling areas the experience economy has been seen as a key element and has created an positive awareness of the cultural heritage as a resource of local place bound qualities not only among planners but also in the minds of politicians and real estate developers. On the other hand we see a tendency towards a kind of event-based approach to planning that could undermine the holistic functional aspects of the Danish planning tradition.

This research is focussing on the use and outcome of the experience economy perspective in spatial planning. Based on empirical finding a preliminary understanding based on the interactions and correlations between the distinctive elements relating to experience economy, cultural heritage and spatial planning will be presented in this paper in order to be able to illustrate and discuss the consequences of such a “experience economic turn” in spatial planning.

Medforfattere: Line Hvingel (Aalborg Universitet) og Hans Peter Therkildsen (Kolding Kommune)
Period12 Sep 2012
Event titleRevisiting territoriality in the Experience Economy: Territorial labour markets, networks, and institutional frameworks:
Event typeConference
LocationBornholm, Denmark