L. Carlos Freire-Gibb (Speaker)

Activity: Talks and presentationsTalks and presentations in private or public companies


The literature points out that the entrepreneurial dynamics in urban and rural areas are quite different because of agglomeration effects and the ”creative” profile of the residents. Yet, few try to link the research focusing on individuals with studies focusing on environments. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first study trying to combine both the entrepreneur’s identity and network with geography. This paper finds that while entrepreneurs in urban and rural areas are very similar, there are some significant differences when looking at identity and networks. When looking at identity, this paper confirms that entrepreneurs in urban areas tend to be more creative in several ways. Regarding networks, the urban entrepreneurs are more resourceful, have richer entrepreneurial networks, and weak ties are important to them. Thus, although rural entrepreneurs are quite similar to the urban ones, today they still function within a setting that lacks a precise division of labour, something which has been traditionally observed in rural settings. These findings for identity and network can not be ascribed to general characteristics when compared to non-entrepreneurs. The majority of the indicators included differentiate entrepreneurs from wage earners regardless of the urban or rural setting.
Period21 Jan 201023 Jan 2010
Event typeConference
LocationRebild, Denmark