Electrifying Anthropology

  • Maja Hojer Bruun (Participant)

    Activity: Attending an eventOrganisation or participation in workshops, courses, or seminars


    This invitation-only workshop will bring together anthropological scholars from around the world whose work is relevant to the study of electricity. It will be co-hosted by the Durham Energy Institute and the Department of Anthropology at Durham University, in collaboration with the IT University of Copenhagen. Increasingly central to the lives of much of the human population through its generation, distribution, management, commercialization, and the consumption of the energy services it enables, electricity has the power to re-energize anthropological theories and methodologies. Its operation through grids, networks, circuits and connectors, at all scales from the micro-domestic to the international and global, chimes with recent developments in anthropological theory around concepts of networked relations and material ontologies. The success of network-concepts in extending anthropological theories across the social and other sciences have been enhanced by the recent proposal that the burning of fossil fuels has caused the earth to enter an ‘anthropocene’ geological era, in which the conceptual dichotomy between nature and culture is no longer tenable. In this context, anthropologists are developing forceful theoretical and empirical arguments about the nature of future energies and the relations between humans, non- humans, materialities and energetic powers that may sustain the earth. The symposium will open a debate on anthropologies of electricity, based on emerging anthropological research from around the world and the ground-breaking studies of the invited participants. In applying anthropological theory to a new field and with a new focus, the workshop will generate innovative theoretical developments for the broader Anthropological scholarly community.
    Period14 Mar 201616 Mar 2016
    Event typeWorkshop
    LocationDurham, United KingdomShow on map