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Thermal Comfort and Thermal Physiology

Human thermal comfort is a basic requirement for indoor built environments, which has led it to be one of the classic research topics in the indoor environment research field. The topic has developed from Fanger’s steady state studies to adaptive concepts, from thermally uniform indoor environments to spatially non-uniform indoor environments. Temporally unsteady state caused thermal alliesthesia has also been of interest. Balancing energy use and human thermal comfort to achieve energy efficient thermal comfort is an important goal.

Human physiology studies could explore human thermal comfort in depth in terms of physiological factors. Developing intelligent sensing technologies to understand occupants’ real time thermal demand and give feedback signals for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems is one of the hot research topics in the field.

In recognition of this emphasis shift, the open-access journal Frontiers in Built Environment is hosting a Research Topic to showcase the most recent findings related to thermal comfort and thermal physiology, adaptive behavior, thermal alliesthesia, intelligent sensing, advanced HVAC systems and thermal comfort management strategies. With the recent expansion of research showing that buildings can do more to support human performance and experience, this Research Topic is also an appropriate venue for papers that deal with human productivity. Combined effects, including air quality, lighting, and acoustic factors with thermal comfort are also welcomed. Original results from field and controlled investigations, subjective surveys, models and review papers related to thermal comfort and thermal physiology are all welcomed contributions.

Keywords: Thermal Comfort, Thermal Physiology, Adaptive Behavior, Thermal Alliesthesia, Intelligent Sensing
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  • Thermal Comfort
  • Thermal Physiology
  • Adaptive Behavior
  • Thermal Alliesthesia
  • Human Building Interaction
  • Intelligent Sensing
  • Human-centred Building Design