Growing capacities – the Green Campus Community program revisited.

Bent Egberg Mikkelsen (Lecturer)

Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


What role does the herbal and food garden play in creating an active local community? How can different citizen groups, social groups and age groups work together on getting the most out of the same green spot? The Campus’n Community program around the corner from AAU campus has for the past 5 year been been a greenhouse Service Learning (SL) and Problem Based Learning (PBL) approaches to community gardening and developing some of the answers to above questions. The presentation gives an status of the program at a 4 year follow up based on interview with local residents and stakeholders. What are the positions of the teachers, students, the parents, the seniors and other important stakeholders in the local community and how can the garden be taken further to create both learning, social cohesion and food experiences
Period29 Aug 2018
Event titleThe City of Wellbeing: Arkitektur og bymiljøer, der fremmer det gode liv<br/>
Event typeConference
Locationkøbenhavn, Denmark


  • service learning
  • PBL
  • campus'n community
  • urban gardening
  • Urban Food Strategies