Horizon 2020 SEEDIFF consortium creation - Initial Skype

Activity: Other


SEEDIFF was not accepted as a project to be funded last year. The consortium is now targeting a new iteration learning from the comments by the EU. We will now target Horizon 2020 funding.

Eva Petersson also took part

Coordination: Professor Risto Ilmoniemi (risto.ilmoniemi@aalto.fi) Project detail of previous submission from European Commission - Participant Portal Submission System Proposal acronym : SEEDIFF Draft proposal ID : SEP-210097751 Call : FP7-ICT-2013-C Funding scheme : CP-FP-INFSO Coordinating organisation : AALTO-KORKEAKOULUSAATIO (PIC: 991256096, located in AALTO, FI) Coordinating contact : Risto Juhani Ilmoniemi (risto.ilmoniemi@aalto.fi) Your organisation : AALBORG UNIVERSITET (PIC: 999904034)
Period13 Feb 2014