Ingeniøren som bringer gaven - lidt mere om de to kulturer: Teknokrati og massepolitik

  • Michael Wagner (Lecturer)

Activity: Talks and presentationsTalks and presentations in private or public companies


The identity and status of the engineer is closely related to the massive impact engineering science has had on the development of modern industrial society. Science is considered to be the driving force behind economic progress, and the engineer is the hero of modern society par excellence. The article deals with the debate on technocratism and social engineering in Denmark during the interwar years. This ideology demanded total political power to scientists and engineers, and this demand was fueled by the productivist vision of abundance and harmony in an affluent futuristic society. In short terms this is how the principle of scientific leadership is imbeded in modern society as a utopian ideology and as functional bureaucracy mainly concerned with creating the perfect rational society under the leadership of an elite consisting of scientific experts.

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Period8 May 2012
Event titleTeknologisk dannelse i teknologihistorie, HTX
Event typeSeminar
LocationOdense, Denmark