Voices in Transition – Observing and Listening to the Collective Voice (Workshop)

Demuth, C. (Speaker), Marie-Cécile Bertau (Speaker), Andrea Karsten (Speaker)

Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


This workshop follows directly the symposium “Voices in Transition” and will discuss material from the three studies presented in the symposium: 1) American adolescent experiencing a struggling developmental transition (Bertau), 2) novice academic writers transiting to experts (Karsten), and a school community in India transiting from a conventional to a Montessori pedagogy (Demuth). The material consists of video and audio-recorded dialogues and transcripts. Our method is form and time sensitive: it observes the formation-in-time of a dialogical self’s voice (or several dialogical selves’ voices) in relationship to a historically given and to an actually evolving context of other and others’ voices. Our methodological challenge is thus the analysis of the actual unfolding polyphony of a self in dialogue with different kinds of participants (actual persons, imagined instances). Our focus is the collective voice: How can such a voice be identified? We take into account linguistic forms, paraverbal events, perceivable voice qualities and shifts, and postures and gestures linked to an unfolding process of positioning.
We present our different material around the question of the collective voice and its functions for the transiting self. Each study material is addressed in succession in small groups, so that all participants will work on the three studies’ material. The main procedure consists in a cyclic listening-watching-reading of the material, these accesses leading to a mutual enrichment for data interpretation. We are interested in exploring the possibilities and limits of the analysis of the collective voice: Does it have a sounding voice? How is it different from the person’s voice?
Period13 Jun 201816 Jun 2018
Event titleInternational Conference on the Dialogical Self
Event typeConference
Conference number10
LocationBraga, Portugal
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • voice
  • collective voice
  • voice analysis
  • transition