Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (Journal)

  • Lucia Margheritini (Peer reviewer)

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Aim and scope: We want to give space to high-quality scientific papers that promote innovation and disruption in the way we build coastal protection structures. We want to collect studies on new materials, construction processes, multifunctionalities and monitoring, marine habitat and recreational spaces and energy. We encourage cutting-edge and visionary scientific research, which can pave the way to positive contributions to today’s challenges related to our coastlines, within the topics of: artificial reefs, nature-based solutions at sea, sustainable ports, innovative construction technologies, multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary research in coastal protection, life cycle assessment studies, mitigation strategies for climate change and marine pollution, renewable energy and the sustainable use of resources.

Dr. Lucia Margheritini
Prof. Dr. Erik Damgaard Christensen
Guest Editors
Period30 Mar 202329 Mar 2024
Type of journalJournal