Keynote Plenary session: Future challenges on microgrids and DC homes

Guerrero, J. M. (Lecturer)

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A microgrid is an electrical distribution network consisted of distributed
generators, local loads, and energy storage systems that can operate in gridconnected
or islanded modes. Different technologies are combined together,
such us power converters, control, communications, optimization, and so on.
This way the energy can be generated and stored near to the consumption
points, improving the stability and reducing the losses produced by the
large power lines. In distributed energy systems like microgrids, multi-agent
systems technologies will be presented distributed control is a powerful tool
for distributed.
Previous experiences in the Danish electrical system like the Cell Controller
project used these technologies to balance dispersed energy generation and
consumption. Other examples of real sites including conventional islanded
systems installed in islands and rural remote areas will be shown.
Finally, low-voltage distribution systems and DC microgrids for residential
applications and homes will be introduced. New worldwide projects to develop
technologies for low voltage DC distribution systems will be shown.

Josep M. Guerrero received the B.S. degree in telecommunications engineering, the M.S. degree in electronics engineering, and the Ph.D. degree in power electronics from the Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, in 1997, 2000 and 2003, respectively. He was an Associate Professor with the Department of Automatic Control Systems and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Catalonia, teaching courses on digital signal processing, field programmable gate arrays, microprocessors, and control of renewable energy. In 2004, he was responsible for the Renewable Energy Laboratory, Escola Industrial de Barcelona. Since 2011, he has been a Full Professor with the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Aalborg East, Denmark, where he is responsible for the microgrid research program. From 2012 he is also a guest Professor at the Chinese Academy of Science and the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. His research interests is oriented to different microgrid aspects, including power electronics, distributed energy storage systems, hierarchical and cooperative control, energy management systems, and optimization of microgrids and islanded minigrids. Prof. Guerrero is an Associate Editor for the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, and the IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine. He has been Guest Editor of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS Special Issues: Power Electronics for Wind Energy Conversion and Power Electronics for Microgrids, and the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Special Sections: Uninterruptible Power Supplies systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Distributed Generation and Microgrids, and Industrial Applications and Implementation Issues of the Kalman Filter. He is the past chair of the Renewable Energy Systems Technical Committee of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.
Period21 May 2014
Event typeConference
LocationValencia, Spain