Keynote (Plenary) talk for the Smart Digital Futures 2017 (SDF-17) event in Villamoura, Algarve, Portugal. The Smart Digital Futures 2017 event brings together six multi-themed co-located international conferences: namely = Smart Education and E-Learning (SEEL-17); Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (IIMSS-17); Intelligent Decision Technologies (IDT-17); Agents and Multi-agent Systems – Technologies and Applications (AMSTA-17); Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare (InMed-17); Innovation Horizons (InHorizons-17). Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal, 21-23 June 2017.

Brooks, A. L. (Lecturer)

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Smart Digital Futures 2017 -

SDF-2017 is a multi-conference event organized by KES International covered six leading edge smart topics.
Below is a list of the conferences:

Innovation Horizons: First International Conference
In his seminal definition Schumpeter referred to innovation as 'ideas applied successfully in practice' and mentioned new products, methods of production, markets, sources of supply and organisational methods. Over a relatively short time digital technology has had a revolutionary impact on all of these areas. New types of products include portable devices such as smart phones, music players and satellite navigation systems. Industry 4.0, through the integration of smart control, the internet of things and cloud computing is leading to smart manufacturing. Once a company was a building where employees worked. Now email, collaborative web-based systems and the transactional internet make it possible to have an enterprise made up of workers based in widely distributed locations but working together through the cloud. There are many other examples of the impact that innovation (or digital innovation) has had, and continues to have.

Business, universities and society are key actors and stakeholders in the new and exciting world that is being shaped by innovation. Companies depend on innovation to maintain and increase market share. Universities research and university-business partnerships make a considerable contribution to new innovations. Society is the recipient of the benefits of innovation, and sometime is left to cope with its consequences. But what is on the horizon for innovation and the changes it brings?

The First KES International Conference: Innovation Horizons (KES-InHorizons-17) will be a one-day conference exploring the impact of innovation and where it will lead. The workshop will take place during the KES International Smart Digital Futures conference in Villamoura, Portugal, during 21-23 June 2017. It will give those working on all aspects of innovation the opportunity to present their ideas and experiences, and give their views on what the future might hold.

11th International KES Conference on
KES-AMSTA is an international scientific conference for research in the field of agent and multi-agent systems. Agents and multi-agent systems are related to a modern software paradigm, which has long been recognized as a promising technology for constructing autonomous, complex and intelligent systems.
AMSTA provides an excellent opportunity for researchers to discuss modern approaches and techniques for agent and multi-agent systems and their applications, as well as intelligent systems in the field of social networks, self-organization and trust.
9th International KES Conference on
The field of Intelligent Decision Technologies is interdisciplinary in nature, bridging computer science with its development of artificial intelligence, information systems with its development of decision support systems, and engineering with its development of systems.
The Intelligent Decisions Technologies conference will consist of keynote talks, oral and poster presentations, invited sessions and workshops, on the applications and theory of intelligent decision systems and related areas. It will provide excellent opportunities for the presentation of interesting new research results and discussion about them, leading to knowledge transfer and generation of new ideas.
10th International KES Conference on
IIMSS-17 is an international scientific symposium for research in the fields of intelligent interactive multimedia systems and services. The aim of the conference is to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research in the technologies and applications of intelligent and interactive multimedia systems and services.
At a time when computers are more widespread than ever and computer users range from highly qualified scientists to non-computer expert professionals, Intelligent Interactive Systems are becoming a necessity in modern computer systems. The solution of "one-fits-all" is no longer applicable to wide ranges of users of various backgrounds and needs. Therefore one important goal of many intelligent interactive systems is dynamic personalization and adaptivity to users. Multimedia Systems refer to the coordinated storage, processing, transmission and retrieval of multiple forms of information, such as audio, image, video, animation, graphics, and text. The growth rate of multimedia services has become explosive, as technological progress matches consumer needs for content.
5th International KES Conference on
Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare
The KES International Conference on Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare (KES-InMed-17) will gather a multi-disciplinary group consisting of researchers and engineers, managers, students and practitioners from the medical arena, to discuss the ways that innovation, knowledge exchange and enterprise can be applied to issues relating to medicine, surgery, healthcare and the issues of an ageing population.
A central theme of the conference will be Smart Medical and Healthcare Systems which will cover the ways in which modern intelligent systems contribute to the solution of problems faced by healthcare and medical practitioners today, addressing the application of these systems through all of the strands of the event.
4th International KES Conference on
SEEL is a major international forum for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, technologies, systems, findings and outcomes of research and design and development projects in the emerging areas of smart education, smart e-learning, applications of smart technology and smart systems in education and e-learning, smart classrooms and smart universities, and knowledge-based smart society.
SEEL will provide an excellent opportunity for scholars, Ph.D. students, faculty, administrators, and practitioners to meet well-known experts from all over the world and to discuss innovative ideas and approaches, advances in smart technology and intelligent systems, state-of-the-art software and hardware systems, research findings and outcomes, best practices and case studies, national and international projects, institutional standards and policies, and many other topics related to smart technology-based education and corporate training.

All conference proceedings will be published by Springer as book chapters in a volume of the KES Smart Innovation Systems and Technologies series, submitted for indexing in Scopus and Thomson-Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) and the Web of Science -
LINK = Springer "Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies Series"
Period21 Jun 201723 Jun 2017
Held atKES International, United Kingdom
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