Keynote: Smart energy systems - a holistic and integrated approach to 100 % renewable energy

Mathiesen, B. V. (Lecturer)

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The design and concept of Smart Energy Systems is crucial for large scale integration of renewable energy and in particularly in 100% renewable energy and transport systems. 100% renewable electricity systems has been analysed and shows that electricity storage systems of various kind become necessary. This however is introducing unnecessary losses into the system. The need to integrate other sectors of the energy system and to have a more holistic approach becomes crucial.
In energy systems with an increasing penetration of intermittent renewable energy in the electricity grid, the demand for integrated systems increases. Smart Energy Systems are comprised of infrastructure which is significantly different from the infrastructure and design of today. It is not only comprised if electricity smart grids and the supply/demand for electricity. It can accommodate sector integration and the use of distributed renewable energy sources as well as efficient distributed integration of renewable energy. The integrated approach opens up for the use of many more renewable energy resources than single sector focuses does.
Smart Energy Systems are comprised of a number of smart grid infrastructures for different sectors in the energy system such as electricity grids, district heating and cooling grids as well as fuel infrastructure. Along with this there are a number of short term and longer term storage options. The gas grids and liquid fuels allows for long term storage while batteries in electric vehicles and heat pumps and thermal storages in district heating systems allows for shorter term storage and flexibility using the district heating and electricity grids.
The Smart Energy System concept enables a flexible and fuel efficient integration of large amounts of fluctuating renewable energy into the electricity, heat and transport sectors, and enables societies to unlock the dependence on bioenergy based or fossil fuels. It also enables a pathway to reduce the necessity to use biomass at all in the longer term. The Smart Energy System concept enables an intelligent use of potential carbon sources and can bridge such systems from today over an intermediate biomass based economy to a carbon and renewable energy based economy.
Period24 Sep 2013
Event title8th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems
Event typeConference
LocationDubrovnik, Croatia