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The Lighting Design Research Group at AAU-Cph (LiD-RG) combines architecture, engineering and technology in a human centric approach to lighting solutions that seek to improve our built environment with applied knowledge of lighting design. Researchers, private business partners, municipalities and graduate students in Lighting Design team up to solve relevant societal problems. In this trans-disciplinary approach, the learning process of analysing, making, implementing and testing is created in real-life scenarios such as hospitals, schools, public spaces and events. Experiments through scale models, photorealistic simulations and 1:1 dynamic lighting design mock-ups in situ, are developed to study how light can affect people in different environments.

The experiments address these needs through contextual analysis, concept design and development, prototyping, information technology and programming, autonomous controlled lighting and technical hardware solutions, including sensors, a mobile lighting laboratory, thermal camera tracking, EEG, smartphone applications, and anthropological qualitative research methodologies.

This newly established research group (2015) with its centre on the Aalborg University campus in Copenhagen, has as its mission to contribute to new and improved ways as to how we use and perceive light in our daily lives. Current research activities include projects spanning from circadian rhythm lighting in old-age homes, to public lighting installations for municipalities, to smart city applications of sensor technologies, to combining daylight and dynamic artificial lighting to improved productivity and sustainability. To achieve these aims, unified, scientific, research methods are being developed, and which combine architectural, engineering, anthropological and media technological elements in designing with light.
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