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Demuth, C. (Participant)

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Title: Multimodal research in cultural developmental psychology – an example of classroom interactions in a North-Indian preschool Research topic: shepherding practices and co-ordination of talk and touch in teacher’s directives The present talk discusses how a multimodal EM/CA approach can be fruitful for research in the field of psychology. Psychological phenomena have traditionally been conceived of as “inside a person”. This view has, over the past decades been challenged by discursive psychology researchers (e.g. Edwards & Potter, 1992). With the recent interactional and intersubjective turn in the social sciences (De Jaeger, 2016), and along with it an increasing understanding of personhood as a process rather than an inner core, however, a need for understanding psychological phenomena in social interactions becomes the central unit of analysis. Such an approach requires a multimodal approach that addresses not only the discursive and sequential construction of social reality (as put forward in discursive psychology) but also the laminated simultaneous setting as well as the materiality in which interaction is embedded in (Goodwin, 2013; Mondada, 2012). Several attempts have been made to apply a multimodal approach to psychological constructs such as identity (Bamberg, 2012), autism (Ochs, 2015), as well as emotional and moral child development (Cekaite, 2012, 2013). From a cultural developmental psychology perspective, the present talk addresses how children are socialized into specific ways of behaving and relating to the world through caregiver-child interactions. The study uses multimodal video analysis (Goodwin, 2013) to analyze classroom interactions in a North-Indian preschool. Analysis focuses specifically on shepherding practices and the co-ordination of talk and touch in teacher’s directives (Goodwin & Cekaite, 2014; Cekaite, 2015). We will discuss potentials and challenges in applying multimodal interaction analysis to research in cultural developmental psychology.
Period17 Nov 2016
Event typeConference
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark