Nordic diet and specific health effects: origin – evidence - politicization - scientification

Bent Egberg Mikkelsen (Lecturer)

Activity: Talks and presentationsTalks and presentations in private or public companies


Abstract: There is a growing interest in the virtues of traditional cuisines around the world. Such cuisines represent the aggregated cultural capital of countries and regions and are consistent traditions of food preparation that has their offspring in the daily lives of people over an extended period in a specific region of a country. These cuisines are notable distinct from the cuisines of neighboring countries and regions and creates a specific identity. The sense of place is increasingly playing role in food choice and food has become an important part of place and vice versa. The New Nordic Cuisine (NNC) as well as it dietary counterpart the New Nordic Diet is an example of a regional food culture that has attracted growing interest recently. Representing over a millennium of cultural heritage NNC has served the people of Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland but as opposed to the Mediterranean diet only recently NND has attracted interest from a broad range of stakeholders including food industry, food writers, the policy level as well as the scientific community. The presentation aims at deconstructing the Nordic diet. It looks at its origin, at the politicization and the scientification that has taking place around the NND over the past decade. In particular it looks at important studies on the potential beneficial and specific health effects etc. The presentation looks in addition at one the important NND pillars “The New Nordic food many” and the network that has evolved around public and commercial catering and touches upon the NND network and the work for on a New Nordic Joint Master in NND.

Period25 Feb 2014
Event typeConference
LocationGrytthyttan, Ørebro Universitet, Sweden


  • foodscape studies (FSS)
  • foodscapes
  • New Nordic Food
  • New Nordic Kitchen
  • New Nordic Cuisine
  • New Nordic Diet
  • Undurn
  • Place and Food
  • New Nordic Food4Many