Piniariarneq: Collaboration as method in the mapping of landscape use

Activity: Talks and presentationsGuest lecturers


Brown bag seminar, Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University.

This talk discusses Piniariarneq (West Greenlandic for hunting trip); the name of a GPS tracking App we, alongside biologists helped develop in an interdisciplinary endeavour to map Greenlandic hunters’ use of a rapidly changing ice-sea-landscape. In 2015 we introduced the GPS to 21 hunters in northwest Greenland, who agreed to track their hunting routes and register animal observations and catches for 12 months. Over time, the app developed into a “method”; a collaborative intervention, which was actively bent by the different partners of the project to serve their respective purposes.
We will discuss how Piniariarneq as method both challenged existing imaginaries, and gave rise to new modes of knowledge production around present and future living in the High Arctic, and open up for a discussion about how anthropological efforts can help expand the registers through which grand narratives about ecosystems are being constructed.
Period9 May 2018
Held atAarhus University, Denmark