Re/Constructing Competences while co-creating an assistive robot for and with a person with acquired brain injury

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Social and assistive robots are considered a successful solution for care settings. However, most projects within social robotics are technology driven and work with stereotypes of the target group. Therefore, many authors demand participatory development processes that includes the target group in the design of the technology (Bischof 2017, Mataric 2018, Suchman 2007).

The present talk takes and ethnomethodological and conversation analytical (EMCA) perspective on video recordings of such a participatory design process. In our video data an interdisciplinary group of researchers engage in the co-creation of personal and assistive robots for and with people with acquired brain injury (ABI) (Rodil et al. 2018). Using embodied interaction analysis (Streeck et al. 2011), we aim to understand how participation of people with limited communication means is realized during the design process and how their communicative competences are accounted for in the design of the technology under construction. How is the adjustment of both human agency and technical affordances (Hutchby 2001) negotiated and accounted for by the participants in the ongoing interaction? How does the understanding of competences and agency change across the different workshops over time?
Therefore, we scrutinize and compare the construction of competences and human and nonhuman agency (Latour 2005) in three situation from different stages of the development process (dreaming phase, manufacturing, testing). Which resources are made relevant by the participants in the different situations to account for the design of the robot? Which resources are used to ensure the participation of the person with ABI? How is the design history (e.g. decisions of a former workshop that is now manifest in the prototype of the robot) made relevant in the ongoing interaction? And what can we learn from this about the sustainability of communication competences over time?
PeriodJun 2019
Event titleAtypical Interaction conference: Re­sources and Chal­lenges in Par­ti­cip­a­tion
Event typeConference
LocationHelsinki, Finland
Degree of RecognitionInternational