Development of a biorefinery concept for integrated production of biomedical, biochemical, feed and fuels from selected plant materials (BIOREF)

Lübeck, P. S. (Lecturer)

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The aim of the project is to form a biorefinery concept that allows biological production of chemicals, drugs, feed and fuels using plant materials in well-defined cell-factories based on biochemical reactions. The idea is to use residuals from crop production, grasses and garden/park refuse that have no or low value for other uses but contain bound energy for biofuels and compounds with broad applications. The use of these selected low value plant materials will have an important impact on the environment by decreasing organic waste and CO2 emissions. Moreover the production of biofuels and biochemicals will reduce the use of fossil fuel in the transportation sector and chemical industry, thereby decreasing the future dependency on fossil fuel import. Among the important goals is discovery of new biocatalysts for production of enzymes, biochemicals and fuels. Emphasis within this part will be on thermophilic enzymes and thermophilic biofuel-producers which will economise the processes in the biorefinery. Furthermore, production of high-value compounds of industrial importance is highly appealing in addition to biofuels even when this production makes use of the same substrate. This opportunity will be pursued along with development of new methods that effectively extract compounds from the pretreated biomass material for direct use as food and feed additives, chemicals and drugs. With this project we intent to make the basic steps for introducing the biorefinery concept into the Danish research environment.
Emneord: Biorefineries
Period25 Aug 2009
Event typeConference
LocationVancouver, Canada


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