Synergistic integration of photocatalytic and thermocatalytic nanoparticles with graphene oxide in nanofiltration membranes for water depollution

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Graphene oxide (GO) has emerged as a promising material for membrane fabrication. Indeed, GO membranes present high-water permeability, and their selectivity can be tuned by crosslinking GO sheets with molecular spacers of different sizes [1]. Concerns about the reproducibility and the durability of GO membranes remain. Nevertheless, GO can be prepared from inexpensive graphite (e.g., via the Hummers’ method) and the 2D structure makes it easy to coat on top of porous substrates to form membranes with selectivities in the nanofiltration range. Moreover, synergistic integration of GO with specific inorganic semiconductors (e.g., TiO2) has been proven to enhance their (photo)catalytic activity in the abatement of water pollutants [1]. Therefore, a few (photo)catalytic GO membrane concepts have been proposed in recent years with the aim to combine the filtering properties of GO layers with the advanced oxidation of water pollutants by (photo)catalytic nanoparticles. At this conference, we wish to present a few examples of nanofiltration membranes in which photo- and thermo-catalytic nanoparticles are embedded in a graphene oxide matrix, making it possible to produce clean water at the permeate side while degrading the organic pollutants in the retentate. A natural humic acid-like substance was used for the covalent crosslinking of GO sheets to obtain membranes that were stable under crossflow conditions. We tested the synergistic interaction of photo- and thermo-catalytic materials (e.g., TiO2 and Ce-doped SrFeO3-) with GO in the degradation of model contaminants of emerging concern, such as dyes, phenol, and bisphenol A. We were able to fabricate membrane layers with a nanoparticle loading up to 98.6% with the ability to retain and degrade the organic contaminants dissolved in water [2]. Our results enable us to propose simple strategies for the effective design and fabrication of these functional nanocomposite GO-based membranes.
Period24 Nov 2022
Event titleEuromembrane 2022
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