Teaching mathematics with reasoning tools: learning, teaching and curriculum planning in danish lower and upper secondary school.

Activity: Talks and presentationsGuest lecturers


Computer Algebra Systems and other digital technologies supporting mathematical reasoning are being implemented in educational situations all over the world. The transformational nature of these technologies is large but the educational value is unclear, and results vary from very promising to problematic. In Denmark the situation in lower and upper secondary school is very different. In lower secondary the implementation of such tools has been slow, but is currently moving forward and the general impression is that these tools benefit learning, in upper secondary CAS tools have been integrated in the teaching for the last 10 years and a number of problems are becoming increasingly clearer. In the talk, I will look at the Danish situation and question which challenges and possibilities the adoption of mathematical reasoning tools pose to the teaching, learning and curricular planning of mathematics. What are the potential and actual changes in the nature of the school topic of mathematics, and how should we as mathematicians, mathematics teachers, and researchers in mathematics education, respond to these challenges?
Period7 Dec 2016
Held atRoskilde University, Denmark