Testing and Assessment in Danish Education in Historical Perspective - An Analytical Lens on State-Crafting Processes in the Danish Welfare State

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Assessment in education is a powerful technology with widespread implications for test takers as well as educational practices. In
this talk, I dive into Danish history of education to unravel how welfare state professionals’ treatment of individuals and groups deemed problematic has played a defining role in shaping and determining the inner workings of the Danish welfare nation-state.
The talk draws on the sociological concept of state-crafting to argue the connections between assessment practices and the welfare nation-state. I argue that a focus on state-crafting processes can aid in gaining a deeper understanding of boundaries of
acceptable otherness and actions taken on behalf of the public good.
The talk is based on my PhD dissertation “The Rise of High-Stakes Testing in Denmark, 1920-1970” and the findings of the research project “Professional interventions addressing ”the immigrant” as a state-crafting grammar”.
Period18 Feb 2020
Held atUniversity of Copenhagen, Denmark
Degree of RecognitionNational