The Music and Sound Knowledge Group (MaSK) within Aalborg University's Department of Communication & Psychology

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The Music and Sound Knowledge Group (MaSK) is a knowledge group that is unique not only within AAU's Department of Communication & Psychology, unique not just within Danish academia but unique also within wider Scandinavia. This is a knowledge group that, in its combined theoretical and practical approach to the study and application of music and sound aims to not only be able to 'talk the talk' but also to 'walk the walk'. For MaSK, an understanding of technology in its broadest sense, its aesthetics and its use, is fundamental to a mastery of music and sound. The focus on the pursuit and development of a unique sonic technology aesthetics is coloured by an accent on the popular - for example, popular forms of music and its production, cinema, and computer games - and has the potential to revolutionize our approach to hearing. TO FOCUS ON SONIC TECHNOLOGY AESTHETICS AND POPULAR CULTURE; To quickly establish MaSK among the premier music and sound research groups in Scandinavia and wider academia; To set the agenda for research in the field; To be a magnet for postgraduate and research students in the field and to nurture young researchers; To be a focus for research funding, local, national and international; To ensure that research outcomes feed into music education at AAU. OBJECTIVES The above aims will be achieved through a number of objectives: Regular meetings throughout the year that, in addition to MaSK business, serve as a forum for MaSK researchers to put forward novel ideas, new research and to receive help and constructive criticism in return; Publish and disseminate research outcomes;Acquire funding to support research ideas and attract researchers and students; Host conferences (such as Art of Recording, Audio Mostly); Establish PhD seminars; Host visiting researchers; Ensure visibility in and collaboration with external networks such as European Sound Studies Association and Sound in Media Culture; Feed research outcomes into teaching and the development of new modules.
Period5 Mar 2019
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