The Role of Communication in Evidence-Informed Policy

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Invited plenary panel at International Network of Government Science Advice 4th International Conference

Knowledge exchange and knowledge brokering involves a wide range of stakeholders, calling for trust and collaboration between science, industry, policy and society. What are the tools and structures needed to make knowledge brokering more effective, particularly within the context of sustainability and climate change. How is knowledge circulated, co-created and communicated? What is the role of traditional academic knowledge systems alongside new digital and public tools and how can they be used meaningfully and responsibly? What role does communication play in how evidence is picked-up and where do policy makers source their knowledge and insight from to define realistic pathways towards net-zero? Do we have the right partnerships, collaborations and skillsets being deployed in pursuit of a more sustainable future for the planet?


David Budtz Pedersen – Director of the Humanomics Research Centre; Knowledge Broker for Algorithms, Data and Democracy, Aalborg University, Denmark

Claire Craig – Provost of Queen’s College, University of Oxford; Former Chief Science Policy Officer at the Royal Society, United Kingdom

Lewis Collins – Editor-in-Chief One Earth journal, United Kingdom
Period1 Sep 2021
Event title4th International Conference on Science Advice to Governments
Event typeConference
LocationHosted online from Montréal, Canada
Degree of RecognitionInternational