Siim, B. (Visiting researcher)

    Activity: Visiting another research institution


    The VEIL-projekt: "Komparative perspektiver på Europæiske tørklædedebatter -: Mønstre i regulering af tørklæder i otte europæiske lande."

    The presentation will reflect upon some of the problems and questions raised by this interdisciplinary cross-national and transnational European research project. The focus is on three main issues: one set of questions is raised in relation to the methodological frame, the other set of questions is raised in relation to the theoretical frame, the political and discursive opportunity structure, and a final set of questions is raised in relation to the intersections of the key categories gender equality/discrimination, cultural diversity and religion.


    Emneord: Intersections gender, race/ethnicity and religion, Intersectionality diversity, Gender equality, discursive feminism, victimization, culturalisation

    The Gender, Politics and Society Study Group at the CES
    Period8 Dec 200813 Dec 2008


    • Intersections gender, race/ethnicity and religion
    • Intersectionality diversity
    • Gender equality, discursive feminism
    • victimization, culturalisation