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Jens Christoffersen (Other)

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    General course objectives: To enable the participants to design rooms and facades with respect to the requirements of the building code and the users to daylight performance of buildings. The aim of the course is to be able to perform calculations of the daylight performances (daylight factor, distribution of daylight and glare problems) of different shapes and optical properties of rooms, windows, solar shadings and daylight directing devices. The calculations shall show the daylight performance of rooms at different weather conditions and positions of solar shading and daylight directing components. By simulation of the interactions of the dynamic solar and light transmittance of the window system and the need for electrical light and cooling the solutions can be optimized with respect to high daylight performance and low energy consumption
    Emneord: glare, EvalGlare, Visual Comfort

    Gæsterforelæsning baseret på Evaluation methods and development of a new glare prediction model for daylight environments with the use of CCD cameras. / Christoffersen, Jens. I: Energy and Buildings. 2006 ; vol. 38, nr. 7, s. 743-757
    Period21 Sep 2007
    Held atBYG-DTU, Denmark


    • glare
    • EvalGlare
    • Visual Comfort