Welfare State Perceptions of Normality and the Justification of Interventions

Ydesen, C. (Speaker)

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Dr Christian Ydesen is a visiting scholar in the School of Education until January 2014. In this presentation he will make a brief presentation of himself including an outline of the research project “Professional interventions as a state-crafting grammar addressing "the immigrant"” which has brought him to Birmingham. He will then elaborate on the comparative perspective between a Danish case and the Birmingham case in order to communicate what he will be doing during his stay. In order to do this he will introduce the theoretical concept of 'state crafting' and exemplify using some of the English and Danish findings concerning the welfare state professionals’ construct of pupil normality and deviation in the 1950s and 1960s. He hopes this will spark a good discussion about angles and perspectives as well as provide useful feedback for his work in Birmingham. All are welcome.
Period14 Oct 2013
Event typeSeminar
LocationBirmingham, United Kingdom