We're in this together - so let's talk!

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    In an increasingly globalised world, more and more companies move all or some of their production abroad. But even though this may mean a reduction in actual costs in the long run, such relocation is seldom entirely ‘cost free’. When we meet and engage with people from other cultures, we may find ourselves challenged in the way we think about and handle individuals, situations and actions, and this may lead to states of excitement, anxiety or even frustration, influencing the day-to-day running of business.

    In this presentation, I will discuss these issues and point to ways in which we may best handle the intercultural challenges we face. I will take my starting point in actual experiences made by businessmen and –women working across borders, demonstrating how challenges may emerge, what they mean for daily communication and not least what may be done to address them communicatively. However, to make this presentation an engaging and fruitful event for all parties, the experiences and suggestions made by the audience will be highly appreciated, as well.

    Emneord: culture, communication, globalisation, business
    Period5 May 2010
    Event titleWe're in this together - so let's talk!
    Event typeConference
    OrganiserGlobal Wind Power
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    • culture
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