WG1 work group 1, AAU Food (External organisation)

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New strategically interesting options: The analysis to be done, is a mapping of where there is a need for new knowledge and then match it with the areas where AAU from a fully cross disciplinary approach is found to have interesting strengths and therefore potentially comparative and competitive advantages. The third level in the analysis is to see which topics are most likely to get interesting openings for external funding. Lastly we should take a look on which strategic alliances could add value and optimize our chances of achieving the research results and the funding needed to accomplish such new investments.  Lastly it is imperative also to include the teaching curriculum in the analyses. The areas to invest in and the talent to recruit should also be capable of giving interesting and appealing teaching in areas of relevance for the new curriculum (nutrition; health; sport). By doing so, we can provide a strategically interesting and sound basis for a renewed and strengthened AAU effort within food research -and food and nutrition teaching curriculum

Organizational anchoring, initiative and ownership: Disciplines of potential relevance for Food research are -as most of the other global grand challenges- placed spread out on almost all the institutes of the INS Faculty (estimated to 12 out of the in all 14 institutes). In order to structure, strengthen and give momentum to the AAU competitive efforts in the Food research area it has -on the INS Department Head seminar, November 08, been decided to form a cross institutional working group on Food research.  A call for nominating members to this working group has gone out in mail of xx December (copy of the mail text is pasted at the end of this document). It is a prerequisite for success that the institutes take active part in the working group, both by nominating the right persons and by following up and guide the work in the group so that the proposed initiatives will have ownership and backing among both the institute key scientists and the institute management. If we manage to do this we have created an interesting platform for generating external funding and collaborative projects in area of paramount importance for the world.

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