• Kamal Kant Hiran
  • Ruchi Doshi
  • Dr. Temitayo Fagbola
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Kamal Kant Hiran, a PhD fellow with CMI at Department of Electronic Systems, has written a book entitled “Cloud Computing: Concepts, Applications, and Architecture” which has been published by Asia’s largest publisher, BPB Publications based in New Delhi, India. As a philanthropist, Hiran has donated all of his royalties earned from this book to underprivileged students in the form of scholarships to attend his alma mater, Manikya Lal Verma Govt. Textile and Engineering College, India. 

The book has been authored by Hiran as the principal author along with Ms. Ruchi Doshi, Registrar, BlueCrest University College, Liberia; Dr. Temitayo, Durban University of Science and Technology, South Africa; and Associate Professor Mehul Mahrishi, Swami Keshwanand Institute and Technology, India.

Hiran highlighted in his book the relevant concepts, architectures, frameworks and applications of cloud computing in the modern era while presenting Cloud computing as a new way of doing business and solving complex problems in simple and easy tasks. The book also explores the practical benefits of Cloud computing services and deployment models in details while emphasizing the adoption of Cloud Computing technology and strategies for migration to the cloud. Cloud Computing Architecture, Cloud Security and Privacy, Cloud Computing Life Cycle (CCLC), Load balancing approach, Mobile Cloud Computing, Google App Engine, Virtualization and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) are also discussed. Case studies are also illustrated at the end of the book.


Cloud Computing

Period9 May 2019

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Media coverage

  • TitleCloud Computing: Master the Concepts, Architecture and Applications with Real-world examples and Case studies
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionWith the advent of internet, there is a complete paradigm shift in the manner we comprehend computing. Need to enable ubiquity, convenient and on-demand access to resources in highly scalable and resilient environments that can be remotely accessed, gave birth to the concept of Cloud computing. The acceptance is so rapid that the notion influences sophisticated innovations in academia, industry and research world-wide and hereby change the landscape of information technology as we thought of. Through this book, the authors tried to incorporate core principles and basic notion of cloud computing in a step-by-step manner and tried to emphasize on key concepts for clear and thorough insight into the subject.
    PersonsKamal Kant Hiran, Ruchi Doshi, Dr. Temitayo Fagbola, Mehul Mahrishi