Connection between EU projects on plastic biodegradation and upcycling

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The UPLIFT Consortium, coordinated by the Aalborg University (AAU), consists of 16 European organizations that can be grouped as follows: 1 large industries (VFB)7 SMEs (VTG, Bio-Mi, TECNARO, BIOPLASTECH, ACIB, BBEPP, SIE) and 8 Research institutions (AAU, FZJ, DTU, LUND, HKI, AIMPLAS, UCD, RWTH). There is a strong industrial and commercial involvement in the project which provides pivotal input on plastic polymer blends, their composition, polymerisation, building block specifications and application to create applications based on actual packaging market demand, thanks to the involvement of key players in the recycling industry and members of the industrial advisory board.

Period4 Jan 2021

Media contributions


Media contributions


  • plastic biodegradation
  • plastic upcycling
  • mixed plastic