CPUC actions threaten to widen, not close, the digital divide

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Roslyn Layton, PhD, Executive Vice President of Strand Consult and Visiting Researcher at Aalborg University's Centre for Communication, Media and Information Technologies, argues against the imposition of service quality metrics by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). She believes that such metrics will not solve the issue of access, but rather create more red tape for wireless service providers, hampering their ability to invest in underserved areas. Ms Layton states: "In reality, metrics will fail to prevent outages and dropped calls, often caused by service disruption for emergency use, weather-related events, phone troubles, or stepping in areas that block coverage, like elevators or deep beneath parking structures."

(Summary provided by Infomedia). Sources: Capitol Weekly, 01-11-2023

Period1 Nov 2023

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