P4 Midt & Vest Eftermiddag

  • Jakob Borrits Sabra

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I was invited to the Afternoon radio show to discuss my current PhD research into contemporary Danish attitudes towards death, dying and bereavement. Selected topics were; taboo, denial and repression, the lack of a common language on death and dying, everyday remembrance and memorialisation, cemeteries, memento mori, objects of memory, digital media technologies, Facebook and social mobile media memorialisation pages, public engagement programmes, funerals and how to develop a closer connection and acknowledgement of death as part of contemporary living in Denmark. The interview is placed between Alphabeats "Fascination" (at 16.04) og Donna Lewis' "I love you always forever" (at 16.27). Approximately 10 minutes of effective talk about death related matters over three rounds (2+4+4).
Period10 Mar 2016

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Media coverage