Palestine: 300 academics call for halt to EU research funding that violates international law

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Nearly 300 academics, including Assistant Professor at Aalborg University Amira Benali, have called for the EU to halt funding for research projects that may violate international law and human rights. This is particularly in relation to funding provided to Israeli institutions. The academics argue that many of these collaborations pose a risk of dual-use and misuse of research outputs, potentially breaching human rights, international law, or ethical values. In their open letter, the academics state: "We, as academics, urge the EU and European academic institutions to uphold their moral and legal obligations and take immediate action to address the serious risks of dual-use and misuse of research projects." (Summary provided by Infomedia). Sources:The European Current, 07-02-2024Statewatch, 07-02-2024
Period7 Feb 2024 → 9 Feb 2024

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