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Period4 Mar 2019

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  • TitleProbiotic research Initiative™
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    DescriptionMarch 4, 2019 | News, Press release

    Copenhagen, Denmark, March 4th 2019: Bifodan A/S together with Aalborg University is pleased to announce the foundation of the Probiotic Research Initiative™. Probiotic Research Initiative™ is a collaboration between Bifodan and the Biomedicine Group at Aalborg University to enhance the effectiveness of research across academia and industry related to the application of probiotics in health and disease.

    The Biomedicine group at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark is at the forefront of innovative research in understanding and addressing a variety of health-related issues, and the affiliation with University Hospital of Aalborg provides for testing basic research in the clinical setting in a very interactive manner. Probiotic Research InitiativeTM will support both Bifodan and AAU in advancing and communicating scientific results related to probiotics in a very effective way.

    Recently, at “Probiota 2019” in Copenhagen, Dr. Fereshteh Dardmeh (DVM, Ph.D.) presented her latest research with probiotics from Bifodan’s strain portfolio and says about the collaboration: ‘Bifodan strains are ready – they have been screened and developed and the cooperation between the Biomedicine group of Aalborg University with the research team at Bifodan has been very fruitful; Dr. Hiva Alipour (DVM, Ph.D.), another member of the probiotic initiative team also agrees and adds that “The collaboration between academia and the industry is very valuable and will help not only to significantly boost the scientific knowledge but to also further move probiotics from bench to bedside”.

    Mr. Erik Brandsborg, Chief Scientific Officer at Bifodan A/S adds about the Probiotic Research Initiative™: ‘The Biomedicine Group at AAU, spearheaded by Fereshteh and Hiva, has shown unprecedented initiative and creativity in multidisciplinary research, from basic studies to clinical trials. This collaboration will strengthen our ongoing projects and provide a solid platform for further development of a wide range of application of probiotics. At Bifodan we are extremely pleased with this collaboration and proud to be partners in the Probiotic Research Initiative™.’
    PersonsFereshteh Dardmeh