Ripple Vs. SEC: Forbes Journalist Files Motion For Access To Hinman Docs

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Journalist and visiting researcher at Aalborg University Roslyn Layton has filed motion for access to the Hinman documents in order to continue her coverage of the Ripple vs. SEC case regarding regulatory measures in the crypto industry. Ms Layton is covering regulatory policies as a columnist for Forbes magazine. (Summary provided by Infomedia) Sources:, 16-02-2023 BITRSS Crypto and Bitcoin World News, 16-02-2023 Firenews Usa, 16-02-2023 Bitcoin Insider, 16-02-2023 Bitcoin Ethereum News, 16-02-2023 Crypto News Australia, 16-02-2023 Blog Daily Feed Mail , 16-02-2023

Period16 Feb 2023 → 18 Feb 2023

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