Skin Logistics Launches GBP 1.2m Series A Fundraising

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The company Skin Logistics has developed a new range of skincare products and is now seeking to raise GBT 1.2 million from investors prior to a rollout of the products in the UK. The company was founded in 2020 and its founders, Kevin Smith and Marc Clement, have been able to set a team, which includes Peter Bjerring, Clinical Professor at the Department of Dermatology, Aalborg University Hospital. (Summary provided by Infomedia) Sources: The Pilot News, 26-04-2023 Observer Reporter, 26-04-2023 Livermore, 26-04-2023 Sweet Water Reporter, 26-04-2023 AP News, 26-04-2023 Benton Courier, 26-04-2023 The Inyo Register, 26-04-2023 Yahoo Canada Sports, 26-04-2023, 26-04-2023, 26-04-2023 Wwlp, 26-04-2023 Stock Market Summary, 26-04-2023 DE, 26-04-2023 Morningstar, 26-04-2023 Minyanville, 26-04-2023Fat Pitch Financials, 26-04-2023 Blackfoot Morning News, 26-04-2023 The Evening Leader, 26-04-2023

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