The Biden administration must act to stop american semiconductor equipment manufacturers profiting from dangerous Chinese legacy chip sector

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Dr. Roslyn Layton, who is Senior Vice President of Strand Consult, a Visiting Researcher at Aalborg University Copenhagen, and a George Mason University National Security Institute Fellow, discusses the potential national security and economic risks posed by China's dominance in the legacy chip market. She suggests that the U.S. government should allocate a portion of the USD 39 billion CHIPS Act money to U.S. chipmakers intending to expand the production of legacy chips inside the U.S. She also recommends imposing a presumption of denial standard for all chipmaking technology going to China. (Summary provided by Infomedia) Sources: The SCIF, 25-08-2023 The SCIF, 25-08-2023

Period25 Aug 2023

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Media coverage