The Danish National Research Foundation has selected the winners of the Foundation’s Photo Competition 2020. They highlighted seven special photos where two of them are from Create.


For the third year in a row, the Danish National Research Foundation has launched a photo competition with the purpose to show how photos can be uses as documentation and communication of research.
At Create we have two young, very skilled, investigators special selected by the Danish National Research Foundation to show their photos.
Stine Maria Louring Nielsen with her picture “In the Blue” and Cecilie Breinholm Christensen with her picture “People in the Metro”  
The criteria of being selected was that the photo must evoke emotions in the observer, work as visual entry point to the story behind the specific research result and lastly the photo must have aesthetic quality.

We a very proud of our two PhD students and we congratulate them with their honourable mention.

Period4 May 2020

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Media coverage


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