We spend our lives within public and private buildings and our daily activities depend more and more on the possibilities that these environments offer us.

The environment influences our experiences and has an impact on our physical and mental health. One of the major challenges of architects today is to offer spaces that respond to all people’s needs, regardless of differences in physical, sensory, mental and social abilities. This will bring to more usable, livable and healthy buildings for everyone.


  • Roberta Cassi, Industrial Ph.D. Fellow, Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation.
  • Erica Isa Mosca, Postdoctoral Researcher,  Ph.D. arch, Politecnico di Milano  Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Design & Health LAB.
  • Turid Borgestrand Øien, Researcher, PhD. cand.arch, Department of the Built Environment, Aalborg University – Construction Management and Innovation.
Period13 May 2021

Media coverage


Media coverage