This year, six highly promising researchers are the grantees under VILLUM FONDEN’s talent programme Villum International Postdoc – aka VIPO. The programme is targeted at female researchers in the technical and natural sciences.


Villum International Postdoc is VILLUM FONDEN’s career kickstarting programme earmarked for female researchers in the period 2019-2023. The programme has been developed in collaboration with the Danish universities, and many of the grantees focus on making a difference in society in relation to sustainability issues. This year, their projects range from DNA-based methods for studying biodiversity to experiments with vibration response in wind turbines and other structures.

This year’s six Villum International Postdocs are: Marie Brøns (DTU), Rocio Rodriguez Cano (Aalborg University), Laura Kacenauskaite (University of Copenhagen), Christina Lynggaard (University of Copenhagen), Jette Katja Mathiesen (DTU) and Laura Stidsholt (Aarhus University).

Period12 Oct 2021

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