We, Robot: Our meetings with Hiroshi Ishiguro

  • Henrik Schärfe

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In this case story you'll meet two persons who have in common that they both have met the Japanese robotics researcher Hiroshi Ishiguro, and therefore have had the experience of being presence in the meeting with one of the biggest robotic superstars in the world. But what will happen, if it is the robot that shall be present with a human. For some years ago, Hiroshi Ishiguro told this: "I have developed many robots before, but I soon realised the importance of its appearance. A human-like appearance gives a robot a strong feeling of presence". This kind of thinking is exciting, because what kind of a presence, can an android f.ex. induce in another person. Is it the same, as when two people meet? Or is there a difference? And what if the android is geminoid? - a twin to the man we know; can this robot then be a full replacement in the meeting with your friends, family or work colleagues, ex? Some of these themes will be touched in the case story. The persons we are going to meet in this case story are Mark Stephen Meadows and Henrik Schärfe.
Period21 Jun 2011

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Media coverage