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Datasæt for Model-free detection of cyberattacks on voltage control in distribution grids

Kemal, M. S. (Creator), Aoudi, W. (Contributor), Olsen, R. L. (Creator), Almgren, M. (Supervisor) & Schwefel, H. (Supervisor), VBN, 1 Dec 2019



Geometric measurement of the surface of a v-bend during multi-scan laser forming

Thomsen, A. N. (Creator), Kristiansen, M. (Creator), Kristiansen, E. (Creator) & Endelt, B. Ø. (Creator), Mendeley Data, 14 Aug 2019


The Danish Values Study 2017

Frederiksen, M. (Creator), Dansk Data Arkiv (DDA), 2019


Data set from a 3D benchmark simulation of delamination in layered structures under quasi-static and fatigue loading

Carreras, L. (Creator), Turon, A. (Creator), Bak, B. L. V. (Creator), Lindgaard, E. (Creator), Renart, J. (Creator), de la Escalera, F. M. (Creator) & Essa, Y. (Creator), Mendeley Data, 13 Dec 2018


Experimental data set from a benchmark test of delamination growth with varying crack growth rate and crack front shape under quasi-static and fatigue loading

Carreras, L. (Creator), Renart, J. (Creator), Turon, A. (Creator), Costa, J. (Creator), Bak, B. L. V. (Creator), Lindgaard, E. (Creator), de la Escalera, F. M. (Creator) & Essa, Y. (Creator), Mendeley Data, 29 Oct 2018


Weighted GAMP Phase Transitions

Oxvig, C. S. (Creator), Arildsen, T. (Creator) & Larsen, T. (Creator), Zenodo, 5 Sep 2018


Kommunal institutionskortlægning, 1970-2018

Frank Etzerodt, S. (Creator) & Andersen, J. G. (Creator), Redy, Aalborg Universitet, 2018


RAW DATA from the Open4Citizens project: Selected examples and qualitative materials

Pedersen, J. S. (Producer), Torntoft, L. K. (Producer), Kun, P. (Producer), Tosoni, I. (Producer), Falk, P. (Producer), Aguilar, M. (Producer), Jansson, S. (Producer), Moro, A. (Producer), Ammentorp, P. (Producer) & Kihlsten, I. (Producer), Zenodo, 2018


Cost Action

Quinto Romani, A. (Creator), Cost Action, 2017


EMBODYING CSR THROUGH ALIGNED COMMUNICATION - a case study from a small sustainable Danish bank

Thomsen, E. H. (Creator), Aalborg Universitetsforlag, 2017


CISG Nordic

Neumann, T. (Creator), CISG Nordic, 2017


A dataset to support dynamical modelling of the thermal dynamics of a super-insulated building

Vogler-Finck, P. (Creator), Clauß, J. (Creator) & Georges, L. (Creator), Zenodo, 2017